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Getting Gameboid to Use mednafen/VirtualBoys Sav Files

I recently purchased an HTC Incredible. I found out a neat app called gameboid which is a GBA emulator for Android phones. I’ve been playing Golden Sun on my computer for quite some time now because I’ve misplaced my game cartridge. Not wanting to lose all my progress I decided to try and get gameboid to use the same sav file that my GBA emulator creates.

I’ve been using mednafen on Linux and it works really well. Mednafen, by default, compresses sav files with gzip. In order to get gameboid to use mednafens sav file I had to decompress it with zcat and then transfer it to my phone like so:

$ zcat -d GoldenSun.sav >

# cp /phone/gba/

# mv /phone/gba/ /phone/gba/GoldenSun.sav

Just be sure to rename your sav file on your phone as the same name of your GBA rom and put it in the same directory. Then just unmount your phone, open gameboid select the GBA rom and you should now be able to load your save games. This worked great for me!