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Getting SpaceChem to Work on ArchLinux

I just recently bought the latest Humble Bundle which comes with SpaceChem. They support Linux which is great because I run ArchLinux and not many games support it. However, the makers of SpaceChem only provide a .deb to install. Luckily, there is a way to “install” it without much hassle. This is what I did:

First, I needed to install deb2targz:

# pacman -Sy deb2targz

Then, I needed to use it on the SpaceChem-i386.deb downloaded from the humble bundle:

$ deb2targz SpaceChem-i386.deb

This creates a SpaceChem-i386.tar.gz in the current directory. All that’s left now is to untar it to the current directory:

$ tar -xzvf SpaceChem-i386.tar.gz

This creates two folders usr and opt. The files in the opt folder are for the game so we can simply cd into it and run with Mono:

$ cd opt/zachtronicsindustries/spacechem/
$ mono SpaceChem.exe

That’s it! You can now move that spacechem folder anywhere and just make a bash file to launch it and throw it in /usr/bin/spacechem or something.

Happy gaming!